— Service prices are subject to change, please contact Polished with any questions —


Swedish Massage ~ $80 {55 minutes} • $110 {85 minutes}
A full body massage that focuses on easing tension, improving circulation and creating relaxation.

Therapeutic Massage ~ $90 {55 minutes} • $115 {85 minutes}
Full body massage incorporating therapeutic essential oils to target specific needs such as aiding in relaxation, detoxification or poor circulation.

Deep Tissue Massage ~ $95 {55 minutes} • $135 {85 minutes}
Massage technique that focuses on deeper layers of muscle tissue to release tension and muscle aches and pains. Highly therapeutic, this massage aids in removing toxins and alleviating chronic muscle pain.

Hot Stone Massage ~ $115 {75 minutes} • $140 {85 minutes}
A luxury massage using smooth, heated basalt stones to release toxins and massage away tension with ease, not force. The heat from the stones reaches deep layers of muscle for a more intensely relaxing massage.

Mama-To-Be Massage ~ $85 {55 minutes}
A rejuvenating treatment suitable during all stages of pregnancy. A specially designed pillow allows the mama-to-be to lie on her stomach without any pressure. Aches and pains are relieved and energy is restored.

Reflexology ~ $60 {45 minutes} $80 {60 minutes}
A massage treatment focusing on activating pressure points in the feet to stimulate related meridians of the body for proper function and energy flow.

Relieve & Revive Treatment ~ $135 {85 minutes}
A detoxifying treatment that focuses on the Chakras—using energy, reflexology and various massage techniques blended with essential oils.